Body Massage Tool, Muscle Recovery, Anti Cellulite, 4 Ebonite Rollers

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Legendary ebonite roller massager with spring "Tonus". 1. For men, eliminate the "beer belly" and extra pounds. 2. For women, forget about cellulite. 3. For athletes tone all muscles. 4. For people with joint pain, back pain, neck pain and lower back pain, eliminate spasms and stiffness and improve circulation to muscles. All thanks to the innovative specially cut ebonite wheels and the spring mechanism. The front rollers have a crescent cut and help normalize muscle tone. The rear rollers with a pyramidal cut give an anti-cellulite effect. The springs not only stretch the body tissues on the surface, but also make them work in depth. The stainless steel base of the structure is very strong and durable. Wooden handle. This is the best of all massagers. It gives 5 effects in a single gesture: double kneading of muscles and fascia, relief massage, lymphatic drainage, unblocking of skin adhesions, ionic polarization of ebonite. Suitable for self-massage and for pair work. You can work the arms, legs, back, neck, buttocks. Convenient for working the lower back and other areas of relief. Ebonite creates a special ionic polarization which enhances the massage effect. It is best to use the tool with massage oil or cream. Handcrafted in Europe with premium grade ebonite, our massage tools are designed to last a lifetime.

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