Bracelet Eyeglass Holder Necklace Gemstone Pearl BC-Multicolor Amazonite Grade A

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Hande made A Grade Amazonite Multicolor Beads jewellery. A bracelet, eyeglass holder and necklace in 1! Get 3 uses out of this jewellery: wear it as a simple sweet necklace around your neck or wrap it 4 times around your wrist to wear it as a wrap bracelet! Add the rubber endings and wear as eyeglass holder (rubber endings included). The rubber endings allow for attachment to most any eyeglasses. The Amazonite is known as the stone of lucky hope. Amazonite promotes confidence and excitement when starting a new chapter in your life. It helps with anxiety, self neglect and mood swings and encourages living a healthy lifestyle. Length: 70cm-75cm (with chain). Beads: 4-5 mm.

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