Massage Roller Professional Physical Therapy Anti-Cellulite Deep Tissue Therapy 2 Roller Ebonite

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This is Rainbow Safety Professional Ebonite Massage Tool for Deep Tissue Massage and Ionic Therapy for professional massage therapist or self-massage. SIX effects in one movement (Patented): 1. Deep double kneading motion of the skin and muscles. 2. Powerful and effective lymphatic drainage. 3. Unblocking the skin adhesions by the «twisting» effect. 4. Patented spring mechanism allows to do a careful relief massage and avoid traumatism due to excessive pressure. 5. Helps remove appearance of cellulite by improving subcutaneous circulation. 6. Ebonite rollers are producing a healing negative ions. True deep heating (not just surface friction). The electrostatic charge accumulates on the skin surface as well as on the ebonite surfaces. The electrostatic charge accumulates on the skin surface as well as on the ebonite surfaces. Unlike plastics and other synthetics that heat only the skin's surface, this specially formulated material produces both surface and deep, lingering heat. Generated in the process is a mild electrical charge, releasing beneficial negative ions, which activate natural healing powers. Crafted by hand in Europe with premium stainless steel support, diamant welding and ebonit rollers our massage tools built to last a lifetime. The handle of the massager tool is made of natural beech wood. The tool is best used with the massage oil or cream. The unique material, Ebonite , from which this massage roller is made, "breathes" but, unlike wood, does not absorb body fluids, oil, or bacteria. Simple cleanup with soap and water is all it takes to make it sanitary for your next client or yourself.

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