Progressive Multifocal Blue Light Reading Glasses Readers RWRP1

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This is finish progressive reading glasses with blue light filter to minimize digital eye strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Pupillary distance : PD 62±1mm. The glasses date is same on both side. There is no astigmatism in glasses date.LEVELS OF VISION: Progressive power lenses for all your eyewear needs. Bottom part of the lenses are full-power magnification like reading glasses. Middle part is slightly reduced magnification for viewing computer or digital screens in front of you. Top part is half-power for distance viewing and indoor interaction such as chatting with someone or looking over your computer. This means no more losing multiple pairs of eyeglasses, because you have one that does all three jobs for you!CHOOSE YOUR MAGNIFICATION: Simply select your normal reader power, which will be applied to the bottom part of the lenses. +1.50 means: see far is +0.50D, see near is +1.50D; +2.00 means: see far is +0.75D, see near is +2.00D; +2.50 means: see far is +1.00D, see near is +2.50D; +3.00 means: see far is +1.50D, see near is +3.00D.Rainbow Readers are high quality fashionable progressive reading glasses with optical quality lenses, that provide clear vision with a clear conscience, have a great visual accuracy. With unisex design and lightweight fit, polycarbonate frame is flexible for long-lasting comfort and durability. Dual-spring hinges. CE Certified.

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