Sliding Bracelet in Natural Stones Silver 925 BRB Golden Obsidian

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Our bracelets are made of premium quality stones. 6 mm stone beads mounted on a resistant cotton thread. An elegant and easy to adjust 925 Sterling Silver slide ball ensures the perfect fit. Fits almost any wrist. Jewelry packaged with a nice pouch ready for gifting or to storage when you are not wearing your jewel. Obsidian is a stone you can wear if you want to improve your efforts to achieve good health! You will also benefit from a renewed commitment to excel and succeed. You will be more dedicated, determined and inspired to make all your dreams come true! Obsidian will help you heal a broken heart and move on. It will make the grief less painful, and it will make the future less bleak. Having this stone will make you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to love and relationships.

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